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 Sound FM 88 Radio

Chillout, nu-lounge & downtempo music. The relaxing alternative playing easy listening rhythms.

Sound FM plays independent electro lounge grooves & chill music 24/7. Webradio may vary to FM 88.0.

88.0 is a FM radio station broadcasting south-west of Lismore NSW Australia.

The Chill-out Lounge!
Lismore, NSW
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Special programming:
- Guest DJ one hour mixes everyday at 1800 AEST (NSW) / 0800 UTC / 1000 CEST.
- Short local community service announcements on the half hour 0630-1730 AEST (NSW) / 2030-0730 UTC.
- DJ John Kitts & Chillout Therapy rebroadcast every Wed/Fri/Sun at 1800 AEST (NSW) / 0800 UTC.
- DJ Dimsa's Living Lounge rebroadcast every Mon/Thu/Sat at 1800 AEST (NSW) / 0800 UTC.

Contacts: PO Box 6067, South Lismore, NSW 2480, Australia.
Email us here.  Phone:(02)66l9 lll4.
Broadcast conditions: N.R. Codes of Practice

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Downtempo music Downtempo Wikipedia Entry

Downtempo (sometimes referred to as "chill out", "chill" or "downbeat") is a type of electronic music style similar to ambient music, but usually with a beat or groove. The tempo, as well as the drum patterns of each track can vary. Sometimes the beat can be restrained and/or simple. Sometimes the beats are more complicated and more featured instead of being in the background, but even then they are usually less intense than other kinds of electronic music like trance and house. The tempo is often slower than that of traditional electronic dance music. Often the name chill-out music is used to refer to songs demonstrative of the genre, but those names also refer to other styles of music, and downtempo encompasses a wider variety of styles than those terms alone would indicate. Due to the relaxing and often sensual or romantic feel of most downtempo music, it is a popular form of background music in 'chill out rooms' of dance parties, and many alternative cafes.

- Stylistic origins: Electronic music, ambient, chillout, groove music, jazz, funk, dub, hip hop.
- Cultural origins: Early 1990s, United Kingdom.
- Typical instruments: synthesizers, personal computer, sampler occasional use of instruments include guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, organ, percussion, brass, strings, rhodes, flute, saxophone.
- Mainstream popularity: Medium, mainly based in the United Kingdom but growing in United States, Japan, New Zealand and Latin America.
- Derivative forms: Trip hop.

Chillout music Chillout Wikipedia Entry

Chill-out music (sometimes also chillout, chill out, or simply chill) is an umbrella term for several styles of electronic music characterized by their mellow style and mid-tempo beats — "chill" being derived from a slang injunction to "relax."

Chill out music emerged in the early and mid-1990s in "chill rooms" at dance clubs, where relaxing music was played to allow dancers a chance to "chill out" from the more emphatic and fast-tempo music played on the main dance floor.

The genres associated with chill-out are mostly ambient, trip-hop, nu jazz, ambient house, New Age and other sub-genres of downtempo. Sometimes the easy listening sub-genre lounge is considered to belong to the chill-out collection as well. Chill out as a musical genre or description is synonymous with the more recently popularized terms "smooth electronica" and "soft techno" and is a loose genre of music blurring into several other very distinct styles of electronic and lo-fi music.

- Stylistic origins: Ambient, electronica, New Age.
- Cultural origins: Early-1990s, Europe.
- Typical instruments: Various software synthesizers, loops.
- Mainstream popularity: Medium-High since 1990s. Mostly popular in Europe (especially Spain and Portugal), Latin America, Miami, and Asia.
- Fusion genres: Downtempo, trip hop, ambient house, chillwave.


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